Blow in the air RUMA PARVINAR

Blow in the air


Surrounding the golden letters of poem.
Seeing the swarm of bees.
Got it.
You understand and wrote poetry today!
In the bosom of the faithful River.
Tidal wave,
Suddenly informed,
Or are you in a lot of trouble?
Dark Forest and Rupoli Josner.
Jhumur Dance song sweet flute song.
Sleeping bumblebees fly from the wodedtree.
Are you in trouble or suddenly?
It is said that in your inner courtyard.
The rest of the spring has comedown untimely.
With sleeping fairy.
With the memorability of the poem.
Suddenly I can understand from the argument.
Someone is holding a finger in silence today.
Destroyed or your roots?
With the poisonous substance.
If you can’t forget the way to come.
Blow up the morphological words in the air.
The last love poem I heard before I fell asleep.